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Malacca, Malaysia

Considered as the base for modern Malaysia today, Malacca or called Melaka in Malay, has enjoy great success in its hundred years of history.

Malacca was founded by a prince from Palembang, Sumatra named Parameswara, who fled from attacks of Java and Siam. During his rest under a tree, he was startled to see his hunting dog was kicked by a white deer. Believing this incident would bring a prosperous years ahead, he decided to settle at the place and named it Melaka, taken after the tree's name.

Malacca was under its greatest success during the reigns of Sultan Mansur Shah and Sultan Muzaffar Shah, with his genious Prime Minister, Tun Perak and his valiant admiral, Laksamana Hang Tuah. Located strategically inside the Malacca Straits, Malacca was one of the important ports connecting Arabs and India in the West and China on the East. One the legacy left by the merchants who plied their trade in Malacca until today is intermarriage between local Malays and Chinese called Baba and Nyonya and intermarriage between Malays and Indian called Chitti Melaka.

However, Western powers were interested to take over Malacca due to lucrative spice trade as well as its strategic location to control ship movements in the strait. In 1511, Portuguese attacked Malacca under Alfonso d' Albuquerque. Dutch then took over Malacca in 1641.

In 1824 under Anglo-Dutch treaty, Dutch handed over Malacca to English and on the other hand, English handed over Bencoolen (locals call Bangkahulu or Bengkulu) to Dutch. This marked the modern maps of Malaysia and Indonesia today.

Today, Malacca remains as one of top tourist destinations in Malaysia. At Banda Hilir, there located A Formosa, a fort left by Portuguese as well as a building built by Dutch called Studhuys. There are also replicas of traditional Malacca Sultanate palace and Flor De La Mar ship.

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