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Travel to Vietnam Part III

16 June 2008

Our journey to Da Nang continued with Vietnam Airlines because there was no MAS service to Da Nang. The journey was quite boring, perhaps because I'd been too long in the flights and I was also tired. I tried to sleep but I couldn't. So did my friends. Seemed they forced themselves to sleep even though they're not sleepy.

I just kept watching the stewardesses. Thought they're not too sexy like AirAsia stewardess. They wore traditional Vietnamese costume. The blouse they wore was long, extended beyond their knees. From hip and below, the blouse was cut into two at both sides. Inside the cut, a white trouser which they wore together could be seen. When they were walking, the front cut of the blouse followed their knee movement, the other cut lagged behind. So graceful.

From Vietnam Trip - Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam Airlines that we board to Da Nang.

The journey to Da Nang was quite far, it took one hour and ten minutes. It was a long journey as I was quite boring. I got window seat but I couldn't see anything down under as the clouds were thick covering Vietnam lands.

When we were about to reach Da Nang and our plane was lowering down its altitude, then only I could see the beautiful scenery of Da Nang. Far behind, there were mountains giving peaceful colour to Da Nang. In front of the mountains, there laid green, fertile lands decorated by squares of paddy fields. There were rivers flowing slowly, connecting the mountains and the green lands.

When our plane was getting lower and lower, I could see the afternoon sun shone through the thick clouds creating lines of white ray straight to the lands. The lines then reflected from the surface of the rivers giving a very magnificent view. Oh, this was very beautiful and tranquil!

From Vietnam Trip - Da Nang

Sunshine is reflected from a river in Da Nang.

From Vietnam Trip - Da Nang

Afternoon sun shines onto Da Nang.

From Vietnam Trip - Da Nang

A crook river in Da Nang.

From Vietnam Trip - Da Nang

A river widens in Da Nang.

After few minutes, our plane safely touched down at Da Nang International Airport. The airport here was smaller than the one in Ho Chi Minh City. There were no aerobridges here. We got out of the plane with traditional staircase and we then took abus that was ready waiting just in front of the staircase. Here was much like Soekarna-Hatta Airport in Jakarta, Indonesia. Once again, the driver was on the left hand side and I was still not getting accustomed to it.

From Vietnam Trip - Da Nang

We get out from the plane via staircase and then get onto a bus to the terminal.

There was no immigration point here as we've already gone through the process at Ho Chi Minh City airport. So, we went stright to claim our luggages. Very much similar to Ho Chi Minh City airport, there were so many people waiting outside. Thought this was a norm in Vietnam but I was not sure what they were actually doing. I did care much as our bus was already waiting for us.

We would be staying at a beautiful resort called Furama Resort. While on the way, the surrounding was very similar to Ho Chi Minh City. There were a lot of motorcycles on the road. Everybody rode slowly but traffic was still smooth. For those riding bicycles, they could even stay in the middle of the road because their speed was also the same as those riding motorcycle. Occasionally, if there was any bigger vehicle wanted to pass through, they gave way, including our bus. I like driving style here. The traffic was slow and steady, no rush and definitely less stress.

The development in Da Nang was also amazing. It looked very rapid. Seemed they really had awaken from the darkness of war that had ruined their lives for so many years. The development rate of Vietnam had actually surpassed Malaysia and foreign investment had kept pouring in. On the reasons was cheap labour. However, there was a setback despite all these. The cost of living had spiked tremendously until a level that Vietnamese couldn't cope with it. With only a considerably small of money that they received from their job, they couldn't catch up with the high inflation rate.

After about half an hour, we finally reached Furama Resot. The beautiful resort was located facing South China Sea, the same sea that reached our shores at East Coast Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak. The beach here had been well-known since the war time and once became a relaxation place for American troops. The sands were white and the beach was wide, suitable for all kinds of beach activities. The sea was blue but it's still shallow, ideal for swimming activities. From the beach, I could also see the famous Monkey Mountain, whose beach was one of diving heavens.

At night, we had cocktail party but I didn't enjoy much. I was very tired. I went back early and got onto bed early too. be continued..

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