Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pulau Duyong, Terengganu

Pulau Duyong is an island located near the mouth of Terengganu River in Kuala Terengganu, East Coast Peninsular Malaysia. This island is well-known as a boat fabrication centre and its clients come from all over the world including Europe and America.

Literally translated from Malay, Pulau Duyong means Mermaid Island. It is believed that long time ago, mermaids laid here and that was how the island got its name.

Recently, as part of the government effort to boost tourism in Terengganu, a sailing event, Monsoon Cup, has been held and Pulau Duyong has been chosen because of its strategic location. Wide Terengganu River mouth as well strong winds during Northeast Monsoon from South China Sea offer a challenging venue for this event.

A resort cum tourist centre called Terengganu Heritage Centre has also been completed for tourists to enjoy beautiful scene here. The resort faces Kuala Terengganu town on the South bank while on the North bank, it faces colourful fishermen village. Direct to the East, tourists can see beautiful South China Sea especially during sunrise in the morning.

There is also a boat service connecting Pulau Duyong to Kuala Terengganu town. Tourists can use the service to go to Payang Market which is located at the jetty on Kuala Terengganu town side. There are a lot of local made products like silk, batik, brassware, jewelries and local dishes such as Keropok and Nasi Dagang.

Heritage Village is under construction.

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kamarul said...

I never been to Terengganu yet..this place looks great...