Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Stuffed Crab

If you are looking for a good food while you are in Kemaman or are stopping while on the way to any other places in Terengganu, you should go to a restaurant called Restoran Tong Juan and try its specialty, Stuffed Crab.

Stuffed Crab is made of chunks of crab meat, onions and parsley which are packed into large crab shell and is fried. It is served with chilly sauce. Don't worry as this sauce is not really hot but a little bit sour.

The direction to this restaurant is quite easy. If you are from Kuantan or from East Coast Highway, once you reach a traffic light downtown Chukai, turn to the right. About a kilometer, you will find the restaurant on your right hand side, facing Kemaman River which is on your left hand side. This restaurant is open for lunch and dinner.

You may visit the restaurant's website here.

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