Friday, January 05, 2007

Seafood in Melaka

This is a must visit place if you are in Melaka. Apart from visiting the historical area downtown, visitors should try local seafood for dinner. Located not far from the town, I recommend going to Alai. The food there is cheaper and the quality is not bad too. This is a very good alternative if you always go to other tourists-oriented seafood places such as Umbai.

I have tried seafood at a stall called Medan Ikan Bakar Haji Musa and it was excellent. As usual in Melaka, seafood is eaten with Nasi Lemak (Coconut Rice). Nasi Lemak is readily-served, wrapped in banana leave, in a small portion. If one wrap is not enough for you, you can always take another one as waiters normally send more than one wrap of Nasi Lemak for each person. If not, you can always ask from them. But, be cautioned! Nasi Lemak contains high fat. If you're on diet, be watchful! Enjoy seafood more!

Seafood here is fresh as the place is actually located very near to the sea. You can choose your own seafood and order according to your preferred style. If you choose fish, you can have sweet and sour cooking or locals called it tiga rasa or literally translated three-flavours style i.e. sweet, sour and salty. You can also enjoy mussels (lala) served either boiled or grilled.

Please also don't forget Otak-Otak, a kind of local delicacy made from fish flesh, flour and chili, wrapped and grilled in coconut leave. (I saw this delicacy name was wrongly spelled in Singapore as Otah-Otah, it should be Otak-Otak.) And the last thing you wouldn't want to miss is Prawn Satay, another version of butter prawn.

If you can't speak Malay, or can't even speak English, don't worry. The Malay owner here can also speak Mandarin. She's actually half Malay and half Chinese.

Be sure you're heading to stall number 10, Gerai Ikan Bakar Haji Musa.

Nasi Lemak served in small portion but you can always ask for more.

Otak-Otak hidden in coconut leave.

Boiled mussel.

Sweet and sour fish.

Prawn Satay

How to get there?
If you're from Melaka town, please head towards Muar using old road. After Kampung Kandang traffic light, before you reach a bridge, bear right and turn to the right into the first small road before a river. Then go straight until you reach a T-junction, then turn to the left. You'll reach an eating place. If you miss the right turn from the main road, you still have another alternative road, refer maps provided:

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