Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Malaysia F1 Grand Prix 2007 at Sepang

Had chance again to attend F1 race at Sepang this year. Initially thought of canceling the trip due to an illness but somehow recovered on time. What a race this year seeing McLaren rookie, Hamilton outpaced Ferrari. (Of course I have to be a McLaren fan - wanna know why? - ask me..) This year also recorded the highest attendance despite "threat" from Singapore to be a new F1 host. Personally, I feel it's still a long way for Singapore to host a race at night. A lot of safety factors, lightings and venue have to be detailed out.

The race is starting.

'Home team' - BMW Sauber

The winner going to the pit lane. Notice dark clouds pouring down heavy rain downtown KL but not here in Sepang. If it's rain, what a race!

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