Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Grand Hyatt Singapore

This is one of difficult hotels to make reservation i.e. is always full. However, I had luck that day and managed to get a room although I made reservation only one day earlier than check-in date. As said by my friend before, this hotel was excellent in term of facilities and no doubt the best thing I liked was its DVD player. It played almost every format including DiVX and Windows Media. The TV that was attached to the wall also offered probably one of the most channels you've ever seen. All major languages' TVs were available including Yoga channel. Yoga mat was also available in the room should guests like to follow instructions from the channel. I tried once but had no 'feeling'..

Foods was not a problem here as its main restaurant, Straits Kitchen offered Halal food. I remembered one of its outstanding and 'hyperactive' Malay waitress there who liked to sing while guiding guests to assigned seats. One thing I didn't like was she thought I was an Indonesian. Sorry, Indonesian friends, I don't mean to insult but this is the reality that a lot of rich people from Indonesia like to go to Singapore and now Bahasa Indonesia is everywhere in Singapore, overriding its sister's dialect, Bahasa Melayu Singapura. Wonder why those rich people like to go to Singapore, not KL which on the other hand has become homes to thousand or perhaps millions of lower-income Tenaga Kerja Indonesia (TKI) or affectionately known to local as Mat Indon or Minah Indon. Probably KL is further and the airfare is more expensive.

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