Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Amazing Race Asia 2008 Ends

The finale was on air. Congratulations to Sam and Vince for winning The Amazing Race Asia. I'm very pleased to see them winning. For me, they are 'neutral' team and they deserved to win although with a little bit of luck.

Actually throughout the race, of course I'm from Malaysia, I supported Malaysia team - Ida & Tania and Henry & Bernie. However, I preferred Ida & Tania. Didn't know why, perhaps their joyful attitude attracted me. In the last show, I really hoped Ida and Tania would win the race. Nevertheless, luck was not on their side. Having trapped in the sand and missed the flight cost them dearly.

Since the last few episodes, personally I hated the Filipino couple, Geoff and Tisha. Geoff was so arrogant and unsportsmanlike. Every time they were ahead, he was full of arrogance and over confident. They were the only team who bullied the other teams. In one episode, they got Henry & Berny waited. In another one, they got the coolest couple, AD & Fuzzie to make U-turn. I couldn't imagine if I were them, having so tired and stressful, I would have put a punch to Geoff's face. Thank God they didn't win! I was amazed with AD & Fuzzie, they got that far as the only team who never ran!

I would like to comment few mistakes done by the couples during the final race. During the desert activity where the racers must drag the camels into the cage, Vince did a mistake. 'Shu' is a universal language between human and animal that means go away! When he said 'shu' it meant he wanted to chase away the camels whereas he was still holding to the camels. That's why all of us could see why the camels wanted to distance between themselves.

The very last mistake that proved dearly to Filipino couple was not to use right balance of force when canoeing. Rowers normally exert force on one side and follow with the other side. If we start with the right hand side, all rowers must start with right hand side. Then, move to the left hand side. They didn't follow this and rowing in a circle is a normal mistake a novice or an inexperience does. Too much force on one side, for example those right-handed exert too much force on the right but less on the left, can also cause the canoe not moving.

Anyway, the race was over. Congratulations too all participants for having such a wonderful experience and of course got chance to travel to many countries FOC! Hope to see a more challenging race next year!

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