Thursday, January 15, 2009

J.Co Donut

I first saw J-Co Donut in Malaysia when its outlet was opened at Pavillion, KL. When I was walking inside Pavillion for the very first time, I was attracted by long queue at its outlet there. Common sense would say when you see a lot of people at any business outlet, product sold there must be outstanding and unique.

I was there few times after that trying to buy donuts there but I could still see long queue at all times, regardless lunch hours, at night or even working hours. It's been like that for quite some time.

Few visits later, I was lucky. There were only couple of patronages inside. I quickly queued at the counter and placed my order for the first time. Yes, donuts here were better compared to others. The texture was softer and the topping was also tasty and creatively decorated. My friend said the donut was still preserved at the original quality although being kept in fridge for few days. I was not quite sure as I've never kept other donuts in fridge before.