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Phuket Trip Part II

12 Feb 2009

We stayed at Movernpick Resort at Phuket Karon Beach. As mentioned in the last entry, the journey from the airport to here took us more than one hour. Earlier in the morning, I woke up early and thus felt very tired when reached here.

I was unlucky during checking in at the resort. After having been in a long queue, the room which I should check in was not ready yet. The receptionist there suggested me to take lunch first while waiting for the room to be ready. I was alone there but later found out another colleague who also had his room not ready yet. We both went to a restaurant, which was located one floor below.

The food at the restaurant though did not have many Thai menus. When we first having our lunch, there was no Tom Yum. Unlike when I was in Bangkok before, Tom Yum was a must everyday. The resort belonged to foreigner, so it was not really "Thai" as I would expect it to be. Some of the workers there were Westerners, perhaps on foreign assignments.

The meeting would start at 2.00PM, seemed that I didn't have much time to rest. Right after finishing our lunch, we went back to the front desk to take our room key. Now luck was our side as our rooms were ready right at the time promised earlier.

The resort area was very big and had many rooms. Some rooms were located at the main building which was a couple stories high, like normal hotel while some were located inside bungalows that were built inside a lush green, beautiful and big park. I got a room in one of the bungalows. I was really excited!

Considering a big area which the resort covered, the distance from the lobby to the room was quite far. We were given a map but it was difficult to imagine where the place I was standing and where my room was located. So, we decided to take an electrical-powered buggy available there to go to our rooms. Lanes leading to our rooms were very small, just enough for the buggy to get through. Sometimes when we bounced with pedestrians, they had to step aside to give way. While the buggy moved to our destinations, I couldn't even remember the route that the buggy had taken. It was crook and every corner looked the same.

After leaving our luggage in our respective room, we went back to the lobby with the same buggy again. We then headed straight to a ball room where the meeting was held. I still felt very tired and could not even focus to what was being presented. I didn't even know what the speaker was saying.

At the night, we had a cocktail and welcome dinner but I had no fun. I was very tired and sleepy. All I wished was to go back early to the room and to sleep. While some of my colleagues went out to a beach nearby right after the dinner was over, I went back to have a good rest. Hoped tomorrow would be a better day...

.. to be continued..

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From Phuket Trip - Movernpick Resort
Movernpick Resort, Phuket.

From Phuket Trip - Movernpick Resort
Small lane leading to resort houses.

From Phuket Trip - Movernpick Resort
One of the resort houses. This double-storey house had a jacuzzi..

From Phuket Trip - Movernpick Resort
Scenery at the lane leading to rooms.

From Phuket Trip - Movernpick Resort
The lane to my room.

From Phuket Trip - Movernpick Resort
Relaxing area outside my room.

From Phuket Trip - Movernpick Resort
Resort map which confuses me..

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